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• An application is subject to the landlord’s acceptance, the landlord and letting agent being given vacant possession of the property and the following conditions: If more than one tenant applies for the same property we will tell the landlord about all applications. The landlord will decide which application he wants to proceed with. All application forms must be completed in full and submitted online and /or returned to Home Estate within 72hours.

• Once a tenant has viewed a property and this wish to proceed a reservation fee of 1 week will be taken This is paid to remove the property from the market (this is refunded at the end if all referencing is passed).

• Every tenant over 18 who will be living at the property must be referenced.

• It is a tenants responsibility to chase their references through, should there be a delay caused by their employer or landlord not providing them with a reference. If tenants references are not returned by their employer or previous landlord or are not completed within 7 working days, then it shall be deemed that the tenant has withdrawn from the application.

• A non-refundable pet charge may apply (landlords decision). This sum will be used at the end of the tenancy for the treatment of carpets etc. The tenant is still responsible for leaving the carpets clean and undamaged.

• If the referencing agency asks a tenant to provide a guarantor, for whatever reason, a guarantor must be provided. (failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of your reservation fee) If a guarantor is required the referencing fee for each guarantor required is £85.00 inc VAT. Please note a guarantor will not pass the referencing if he has any adverse credit. Guarantors have to be in full-time employment and earn a minimum of 3 times the sum of the yearly rent. A guarantor must be able to travel to our office and sign any needed paperwork at the commencement of the tenancy. All parties to the agreement (including guarantors) must be present when signing the tenancy agreement.

• A 5 week deposit is required . All deposits must now be safeguarded in a scheme approved by the Government. If we manage the property we will use the Deposit Protection Service ( If the landlord is managing the property themselves then they will provide you with details of the scheme. All deposit returns will be in line with the deposit holders Terms and Conditions and the landlord’s approval.

• Tenants are advised to ensure their liabilities for accidental damage to the landlord’s property /possessions.

•Rent is to be paid monthly in advance commencing on the first day of the tenancy and monthly thereafter. Standing orders should be set up to leave the tenants to account 3 days before the actual rent date.

• The tenant will pay the first month’s rent and deposit .


• The tenant is responsible for Council tax, Water Rates, Electricity, Gas, Telephone etc. The tenant MUST contact the suppliers of these services BEFORE the commencement of the tenancy to ensure continuity of supply. (Please note that most suppliers will require at least 3 working days notice to reconnect a supply or to re-set a key meter to zero. If you give a supplier less notice than this they will usually make a charge to you. We are not able to hand over the keys to a property before your tenancy has commenced).
• We reserve the right to notify utility companies, the local authority, other organisations and companies of the commencement/termination dates of the tenancy.
• Tenants will be charged a fee of £20.00 incl of VAT for any cheques not honoured or that are represented.
•If the tenant is late paying the rent a fee will be charged with £20.00 incl of VAT for every phone call and a letter written by Home Estate for chasing the same. The tenant will also be liable for all costs incurred by the landlord as a result of late payment of rent.
• If a tenant should need to be taken to court and an agent from Home Estate is asked to attend a charge will be made to the tenant of £40.00 per hour incl of the VAT. Verbal references for tenants will be given free of charge (providing the tenant has given us the authority to give this reference). Written references are chargeable at a rate of £20.00 incl of the VAT.
• If a tenant fails to return their application forms within 72hrs OR cannot provide a guarantor OR fails the referencing due to poor references or undisclosed bad credit OR decides not to proceed with the application OR despite repeated requests cannot obtain a reference from his employer or landlord, the referencing fees and reservation fee shall be forfeited in favour of Home Estate.
•A tenant will be responsible for costs incurred by contractors if an appointment is booked and confirmed and then the tenant is not at home at the agreed date and time.
• All rents paid to Home Estate will be paid on to the landlord – this includes payments of rent paid in advance (ie 6 or 12 months rent in advance etc).
• If a tenant needs to change the move in date, the landlord can decide to no longer accept the tenant due to extra loss of rent. On this basis, a tenant will lose his/hers referencing and reservation fee plus any additional fees paid. If the landlord is still happy to proceed a charge will be made for a new set of contracts at a cost of £40.00

The application for a property in no way binds the Landlord to an Agreement. All applications are strictly subject to contract.

CHARGES TO TENANTS (all inclusive of VAT)


Referencing Fee Per Tenant over 18:


Contract Renewal:


Altering the dates on a tenancy agreement after a move-in date has been agreed:


Late Payment Fee:


Court attendance by Home Estate on behalf of Landlord
for breach of tenancy by tenant:

£40.00 per hour

Cheques not honoured or represented  (charged per cheque):


Written references (charged per reference):


Failure of the tenant to honour a confirmed appointment
by a contractor acting on behalf of the landlord:

Charged for one hours labour at the contractors standard
rate Plus VAT


All tenants must show proof of address (one form from the list below). We must see ORIGINALS – Not photocopies:

      • A driving licence showing the current address (including provisional).

      • A Passport 

      • A recent utility bill (dated within the last 3 months) – water, gas, electric, phone bill (not mobile phone)

      • A recent council tax bill showing the applicants name and current address (this will only be accepted until the end of June each year)

      • Recent documentation confirming that the applicant is/will be in receipt of housing benefits.

      • Letter from the Employer on headed paper, signed and dated. This should state the address the Employer has known the applicant to reside at, with the letter also addressed to the applicant.

      • Homeowners current household insurance policy schedule.

      • Recent home service provider bill.

      • Current TV Licence

      • Current tenancy agreement signed and dated within the last 6 months (the applicant must be named as a tenant)


    • Photo identification is needed for every person over 18 moving into the property, this can be a photo driving license or passport.

    • We must see your VISA if you have one.STUDENTS: We must have proof of your student status – either a copy of your student card or a letter from your university confirming that you have been offered a place / are attending.No another form of identification can be accepted. – If you do not have the correct form of identification we can not rent to you

Right to Rent Document Checks 


From time to time a guarantor will be required by the referencing agency. A guarantor is usually required if:
The tenants’ income falls short of the referencing agency’s criteria.
The tenant has not been continuously employed for the past 18 months.
The tenant has been working abroad in the previous 6 months.
The referencing agency deems the tenants’ employment changeable. This list is not exhaustive. The guarantor must meet the same criteria as the tenant (i.e. No adverse credit, be in full-time employment etc). The guarantor must earn the equivalent of 3 times the yearly sum of the rent. (If the tenant is renting with a partner this multiple may be lower, please speak to our office if this is the case)The referencing agency is at liberty to request a guarantor for any application submitted. All tenants should be able to provide a guarantor. If the referencing agency request a guarantor and the tenant can not provide one the agency will decide that the tenant has withdrawn their application. The tenant will, therefore, forfeit their reservation fee.


If your rental property has a key meter you may need to contact the existing supplier before you move into the property to ensure the account is set to zero. Please be aware that the suppliers usually require at least 3 working days notice to reconnect a supply or to re-set a key meter to zero. We are not able to hand over the keys to the property before your tenancy has commenced.

We accept payment by cheque – made payable to‘Home Estate’ Or we can be paid by BACS

Please call for our account details

Reference: Your own surname / Property address

(the reference is extremely important)

Sorry but we can not accept payment by credit or debit card

IMPORTANT: If you are making a payment to move into a property then cheques and bank transfers must be paid/transferred a minimum of 7 working days before your move-in date.


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