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Standard selling fee 1% + VAT

Minimum selling fee £950 + VAT



£250 off our selling fee

This applies to our standard 1% selling fee and runs until the end of June 2015


Recommend a Landlord or Vendor

£100 John Lewis voucher terms and conditions 

How to Qualify:

  • The landlord or home owner must let/sell their property through Home Estate for a year using our fully managed service.
  • The landlord or home owner must sell a property with Home Estate, and is subject to them completing on the sale before the voucher is due.
  • This offer also applies for recommendation to home owners or landlords that want to sell and are already on the market with another agent, and is subject to the property being sold by Home Estate and the sale completing.
  • A record slip will be provided by Home Estate via email or posted to the person or person’s recommending.

Terms and conditions

To qualify for the £100 John Lewis vouchers the landlord or home owner must have been introduced to Home Estate by the person claiming the voucher, and no other party.

The landlord or home owner recommended must not have previously been known to Home Estate and its partners.

The landlord or home owner recommended must not already be recorded on Home Estates data base or be a client.

Home Estate will not accept claims to a voucher from people reportedly to have recommended a landlord or home owner after Home Estate has already made contact with that person.

It is the voucher claimant’s responsibility to make sure they have forwarded on a recommendation to either one of the partners at Home Estate (who will issue a receipt)

Home Estate will not issue any money for the voucher and it is up the claimant to make sure the voucher is spent by the expiry date.

No cash alternative

This promotion is limited to only one claim per person and per household

No other offer can be used in conjunction with this offer.

Only one voucher for each recommendation and it is subject to the person recommended using Home Estates services as set out above in how to qualify.