Preparing your property for a viewing when selling or renting

In an interview situation, it is often said that the interviewer has made his/her decision on the interviewee in the first thirty seconds. The same can be said for your home. Although you might have more than thirty seconds, first impressions count.

A potential buyer could be put off your property even before they step inside, so a good ‘front cover’ matters when selling your home.

At Home Estate we recommend ways in which to boost the appearance of your home before you open your home up to potential buyers through viewings. Below is a list that Home Estate have compiled:

  1. ‘Kerb Appeal’

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, but the fact of the matter is, we all do. If we see a property looking un-loved and run down, the chances of us wanting to see the inside are minimal. So our first tip is to up your ‘Kerb Appeal’, essentially, make the outside of your home look inviting if you were to walk or drive past.

To do this we recommend the following actions to be taken:

  • Clear any rubbish that may be in the front of the property, including moving bins to a hidden location or in a neat fashion
  • If there are any tired looking fences or doors – get them painted!
  • Untended lawns and hedges can make a property look really run down, make sure they are all kept trimmed and tidy.
  • Inject some colour into your property to help it stand out – add some potted plants or hanging baskets.

All of these things are relatively low effort, low cost recommendations, but can make a huge difference when trying to invite people in. It can be the difference between finding a buyer and not!

  1. Inside the property

Once you’ve attracted a potential buyer inside, you now have to help them imagine themselves living here, and the potential that the property has. Home Estate recommends you do the following things if possible before a viewing:

  • De-clutter any rooms in the house that feel crowded. Potential buyers want to feel space and having excess things in a room has the complete opposite effect.
  • Letting in light has a two fold effect. It helps give an impression of positivity and also an illusion of space. Make sure all the windows are uncovered and hang mirrors in hallways to make the most of the light.
  • Create a ‘homely’ feel to the property, add some plants or paintings to help the potential buyer imagine themselves living there.
  • Try to keep a fresh, consistent smell throughout the house, one of the best ways of achieving this is by painting inside the property. We recommend using warmer, inviting colours.
  • Have you been putting off any DIY jobs? Sort them out now, the buyer will notice!
  1. Defining your rooms

The buyer wants to be able to envisage themselves moving in there and one way of doing this is to make sure each room serves one of their purposes. Home Estate recommend that you:

  • Take down any posters that you may have, this enables the buyer to visualise their own take on the room
  • Make sure each room serves a purpose. For example it’s no good having a treadmill in the dining room!
  1. Get your gardening gloves out

Gardens are one of the biggest selling points of properties nowadays, so make sure yours is in the best condition it can be. So make sure you:

  • Keep the lawn trimmed
  • De-weed the garden, flower beds and patio (if there is one)
  • Make sure over bearing hedges are kept trimmed back so that the illusion of space is fulfilled
  • Inject some colour and personality into the garden by having some potted plants
  1. Finally…You!
  • You are the most important person in this sale! Allow the potential buyer to roam freely around the property with one of Home Estate’s local representatives but make sure you’re around to ask any questions that may crop up. Home Estate can advise you on this.

Following all of these tips as well as choosing Home Estate, an agent with a specialist knowledge of the Kent and Medway Towns property market, will give you the best chance of finalising a sale on your home!